Inner Voices: The Awakening
Inner Voices: The Awakening
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Triggered by environmental disasters, the Second American Civil war is coming to a close, and the North is losing. Hoping to defeat the South by surprise attacks in the near future, twenty groups of fifty soldiers are hidden in stasis, to be awakened in five years, but when Commander Jason Armstrong wakes, three hundred years have passed. The world and everything he knew is gone, lost to catastrophic earth changes. Civilization has reverted to an agrarian state, but his skills, and those of the other eleven survivors, are still needed. The totalitarian empire of Kenor The Great is expanding, enslaving all those it conquers.

The original protectors of the soldiers have watched over them for centuries, and in that time developed a culture of peace, and reverence for life and nature in their remote village. Highly evolved, they easily communicate with the spiritual plane and perform feats of apparent magic. They need the soldiers to protect them, but justifiably fear the corruption of their values by the soldiers' culture.
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