Inner Voices: First Growth
Inner Voices: First Growth
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The reconnaissance trip went horribly wrong. Lara, Louise and Ka'tel have been captured, and now the Empire knows of them. But not their skills or where the village is. Or so they think. As they plan their escape, Empire troops are moving towards the village.

Jason and the villagers have finished the wall, but Jason is still worried. He doesn't know what the Empire's capabilities are. Are they more advanced than theirs, or are they as primitive as the village? And do the village and the soldiers have enough resources to defend themselves? For the moment, the differences between the villagers and the soldiers are dormant, but still festering.

While Jason worries, Raphael has disappeared on a spiritual quest. One that will reveal his innermost secrets, even those he has kept from himself; secrets that tore his life apart. But will he return in time to help, or not at all?
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