Inner Voices: Growing Pains
Inner Voices: Growing Pains
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The battle is over. The wall held. The Empire has been repulsed – for now. But the Empire soldiers remain, and there will be more battles.  Battles that, Jason knows, he will eventually loose.  He needs to discover a way of defeating them – not just for now, but permanently.  And there are problems at home. A  group of villagers has left, not wanting to be "contaminated" by the soldiers. And three of the his own soldiers have deserted, fearful the villagers want to kill them.
In the meantime, Colonel Mahon has offered to help Jason and the villagers. An offer, Jason suspects, that has strings attached; strings the Colonel is reluctant to discuss. Does he trust the Colonel, and possibly fall into a trap, or does he reject the help and lose a potential ally? In an attempt to discover the Colonel's true intentions, Jason joins him in a meeting of resistance leaders. Even if it's not a trap, can the two groups work together? And what help can they provide each other?
Desperate for more information, Jason and Lara head to the Empire's capital, hoping to find what they need there. On the way, they discover the Empire is gathering old technology. Technology from Jason's time. Technology that could destroy the village and all who might oppose the Emperor.
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