Inner Voices: Balance Restored
Inner Voices: Balance Restored
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The trip to the Capital raised more questions than it answered, but Lara and Jason found a valuable clue about the Emperor and head north to uncover his origins. However, they don't know they’ve been discovered by Emperor Kenor, and that a bounty hunter is on their trail.

The village has fended off another attack, but Louise knows there will be more. The Empire Captain seems determined to get in, no matter what the cost, and Louise struggles with the realization that she may be forced to kill all the Empire soldiers if they attack again.

Near Minneapolis, Jason and Lara come upon a person from Jason’s time, one who has been alive since then, and who helps them discover Kenor’s secret. Kenor has taken weapons from an old air base and plans to use them against the village.

Colonel Mahon discovers that the rebels are preparing for a general uprising, but believes this is not the right time. Does he align with them, or maintain his position within the Empire?

The final struggle looms over them as Jason and Lara race to stop the Emperor from deploying his final solution for the village. Will they make it in time or will they see everything they’ve fought for be annihilated?

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