Silk Scarf Burnt Satin Scarlet 11" x 60"
Silk Scarf Burnt Satin Scarlet 11" x 60"
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This scarf features flowing colours with a richness achieved from the play of light on the two different surfaces of this fabric.
Approximately 11" x 60"
French dyes on a sheer crepe silk featuring a burnt satin pattern (twigs or floral). Available in 4 fall/winter fashion colour combinations.

The "Azure" colour combination has rich blues, teals, and greens with a dash of dark grey. Will be an instant favourite for blue lovers! 

The "Scarlet" colour combination features different hues of reds with navy, gold, and brown highlights, blending together on the fabric to create rich tones. 

The "Tundra" colour combination features light and dark greys, taupe, and black. It's a beautiful neutral palette that looks great with all your wardrobe classics. 

The "Eggplant" colour combination is a mix of dark purples, teals, and greys, with taupe highlights. A lovely, deep palette, perfect for people who love purple or teal.

Custom colours are available but please contact us for more information.
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