Aluminum Inukshuk 5"
Aluminum Inukshuk 5"
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This 5" aluminum Inukshuk comes boxed and tagged.  

Also available

INF15  Large 5" - gift boxed and tagged (Inscribed: The difference you make today, counts in all our tomorrows)  -  $95.00

INF14N  Mini 3" - Gift boxed and tagged  -  $40.00

INF14M  Mini-Mini 2" - tagged (bulk)  -  $30.00

“The difference you make today, counts in all our tomorrows.”  
C. H. Pearce

These Inukshuks come from a Creative Contribution project – a social enterprise through which
every series and product they create opens a new door for people and their environment.

Since 1987 they have been communicating the importance of personal contribution through a series of greeting cards and meaningful gifts – all designed and produced in Canada.

They are dedicated to inspiring people everywhere to use their own tools and talents to creatively share their personal resources with others, and to serve and preserve the gifts that are freely given to us by our Mother Earth.

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